Verification from the Data Protection Official in response to ethic inquiries for EU projects

last change: January 1, 2019

EU projects frequently require the submission of an ethics declaration, part of which involves providing information regarding the handling of personal data.

In cases where this is necessary, the Data Protection Official can put together a verification, which requires that you provide the following information:

What type of personal data are you capturing?    

  • Complete description of all categories (i.e.  names, addresses ... ; when medical data is involved, please provide a complete list without categories).  
  • State the project or research goal.
  • Specify the group of people for which the data is being captured and stored. 
  • Specify the deadline for deletion or anonymization of the data.
  • Provide the declaration of consent text.

If there is a form for submitting the verification, please provide a copy of it.

Bear in mind the following

  • Even if the information is complete (see above), we may still have questions. Accordingly, you should expect a lead time of two to three weeks.
  • If personal data is stored at TUM, you must notify the Data Protection Official. See "Meldung einer Verarbeitungstätigkeit" (provisionally only in German).

More information about ethics self-assessment can be found at the official website of the European Commission. Privacy issuses can be found form page 15 on in „Guidance – How to complete your ethics self-assessment“.